Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I think I See Where Cormac Got Some of His Ideas

I took a bike ride the other day on the indisputably awesome Trinity Trails, all the way out to the Benbrook Dam. I was shocked by how desolate the lake and surrounding areas were. I guess waterways in the middle of winter inspire apocalyptic thoughts. I captured a nice photo of the concrete pier, barely large enough for two people to walk out side by side. As I returned from the water's edge, I spotted a Saraghina walking her bijon around, and this pushed me over the edge, straight into a postlapsarian frenzy. Sadly I could capture no photos of her, but I definitely hummed some Nino on the (quick) ride out.

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Chicago PD said...

I love that ride. It is really nice behind Meadows West riding in through the trees. Wide open lanes that curve through the woods you barely remember where you are.