Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Well Pitchfork, What About This?

Pitchfork published the top 200 songs of the 90's and Pulp was deservedly high on the list behind Pavement (of course). Here is what they had to say about Common People:

And yet, long after Pulp had slid out of view in 2001 and frontman Jarvis Cocker traded in his pop-star visage for a more professorial look, "Common People" feels as pointedly acerbic and angry as ever. Its scathing indictments of class-tourism and the co-opting of authenticity resound all the more loudly at a time when celebrities and corporations are increasingly eager to siphon off street-cred from underground artists, and collegiate hipsters take ironic fashion cues from middle-American iconography.

Curious as to whether this creates a celebrity siphoning feedback loop:

And while we're there, this was excluded from the list:

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