Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vilnius's Worst Kept Secret

Here are some pictures of the Frank Zappa statue in Vilnius, sent to me by a friend (shoutout to Donald!) I met while traveling in Estonia. The story behind the statue is a great read and some choice quotes from Lithuanian Zappa fans are out there, most notably:

"We never saw Zappa, but nobody ever saw God, and they still go to church. Lithuania is a nation of mythology, legends and fairy tales. Everything is mystified. People believe really quickly, and one of the myths is that independence is good for everyone, with no exceptions. That’s why, in such an environment, the Zappa seeds were so successfully planted."– Vytautas Kernagis, Lithuanian musician, quoted by Adam B. Ellick in Rolling Stone.
This captures so much for me as a Zappa fan who never got to see him in the flesh!
Also of note, the sculptor of the bust, Konstantinas Bogdanas, was a former Soviet propaganda artist who apparently spent his career sculpting likenesses of Lenin and other Communist leaders, but toward the end of his career focused his attention on Zappa.

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