Monday, May 17, 2010

The Serendipitous City Playlist

Oh the joys of iTunes, or more generally, our oft-burdensome and Brobdingnagian music catalogs in the digital age. I was trying to find a particular song, City of Tiny Lites by Frank Zappa, so I entered "city" into the search and out came the most perfectly balanced playlist I could have ever hoped for. I think this could be the start of something here. Something like Chatroulette à la iTunes meets John Cusak's purist (and markedly lame) quest for the perfect mixtape in High Fidelity. Everybody should just try searching a random word and then going with the playlist that comes out. It could be kind of like the game we played when we were kids where we would spin a globe and then stop it with a finger, thereby embracing our fate to travel to the destination, making the extremities of the world like the Chagos Archipelago seem attainable. ( I will make it there one day...)

Check out the list!

1. Alphabet City Clare & The Reasons
2. City On The Hush Cougnut
3. City Of Tiny Lites Frank Zappa
4. Inner City Blues Gil Scott Heron
5. Paradise City Guns n Roses
6. Boplicity Miles Davis
7. All The Pretty Girls Go To The City Spoon
8. Living For The City Stevie Wonder
9. City Of Dreams Talking Heads
10. City of New Orleans Willie Nelson

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